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AVAYA IP Office Audio Conferencing   

A problem familiar to any organization is that of communicating effectively. As more and more people work from home or from dispersed locations, how do you ensure that employees are planning and working together effectively, and regularly keeping in touch when separated by time and distance? In addition, many companies choose to sub-contract some services such as payroll, logistics or manufacturing to third-party suppliers. How do you ensure that you can act as one virtual enterprise? Audio conferencing provides a simple and effective solution.

Audio conferencing makes it easy to include key people in decision making wherever they are with minimum interruption from their work. It responds to business needs that every company faces:

More meetings but less time available.
Increasing pressure to be at two locations at once.
Travel restrictions.
Environmental pressures ("green" initiatives).


As a result of using conferencing, the benefits gained are:

Reduction in travel, leading to lower costs, less wasted time and lower carbon emissions.
Increased worker productivity and personal security.
More effective working practices, leading to shorter project times, and supporting dispersed organizations and complex supply chains.


Furthermore, the Return On Investment (ROI) is very short as Meet Me conferencing is a built-in feature of IP Office Preferred Edition. The typical ROI of just 4 to 6 months compared to Service Provider conferencing services based upon 2 hourly conferences with 5 participants per week.

 IP Office Preferred Edition Meet-Me Conferencing Solution

The conferencing solution built-in to IP Office enables multiple callers to talk in an audio conference. Callers can be on-site personnel as well as external parties whether field-based engineers, sales staff on the road, customers or suppliers. Conference calls can be planned in advance or established ad-hoc as and when required.

meet me

IP Office Preferred Edition with Voicemail Pro complements the built-in conference bridge facility on IP Office systems by allowing participants to enter conferences through dedicated numbers, adding guidance prompts as well as requesting PIN codes as participants enter the conference for security. For example, if conference calls are regularly scheduled, Voicemail Pro can have pre-programmed Call Flows for weekly conference calls e.g. every Tuesday between 2pm and 5pm using PIN code 1234 for a sales call, etc. If multiple conference calls are scheduled, users can select which one they want to attend via a simple menu. Should users encounter any issues, calls can be automatically routed to the operator for assistance. For additional security, if Caller ID information is provided by the network Voicemail Pro can make CallerID checks before allowing calls into a conference.

IP Office Conferencing Capacity 


IP Office provides a flexible conferencing solution with 128 conferencing channels on the IP500 and IP500 V2, allowing multiple conferences of any size from 3 to 64 parties. This means that several conferences of different sizes can all run at the same time if the total calls do not exceed the systems conference resources. So the system will support 42 x 3-party conferences, 2 x 64-party conferences or any combination in between. IP Office does not impose limits on the mix of internal and external calls in conference, but if all internal participants disconnect from the conference bridge, the external participants can be disconnected automatically by the system for added security (configurable system setting).



1.Analog Trunk Restriction
In conferences that include external analog line calls, a maximum of two analog line calls are allowed per conference.
2.External Participants
Each external caller requires a digital trunk/VoIP channel (for example 1 T1 allows 23/24 external parties, 1 E1 allows 30 parties and a fully licensed VCM-64 allows 64 parties).
3.Use of Conference Resources by Other Features
System features such as call intrusion, call recording and silent monitoring all use conference resources, as does automatic recording if enabled. When any of these features are active the number of slots available for conference parties is reduced. For example, a conference call between 3 parties and being recorded will use 4 conference slots.
4.The IP500 Supports 128 Conference Members
The total capacity of the IP500 V2 is 128 party conference resources. However the restriction of a maximum of 64 parties in any individual conference still applies.
5.Meet-Me Conferencing on IP500 requires Preferred Edition
IP Office  IP500 V2 supports basic or ad-hoc conferencing, but if Meet-Me capabilities are required the IP Office Preferred Edition license should be purchased for direct dial into a conference bridge with PIN code security.
In an SCN network, only one centralized Preferred Edition license is required to host Meet-Me conferences at any of the sites. Conference IDs are also shared across the SCN sites.

IP Office Standard Conferencing Features

The IP Office provides the following features and benefits relating to conferencing:

No special conferencing equipment required
You only need an IP Office system unit with as many digital trunks/VoIP channels as external participants (as well as Preferred Edition for Meet-Me conferences).
Ease of use
Simply dial the direct number allocated to the conference bridge, type in the PIN if required and you have joined the conference (PIN codes require Preferred Edition/Voicemail Pro).
Conference control from Avaya Display telephones* and Avaya one-X™ Portal for IP Office
For ad-hoc conferences with a few participants, users can easily set up immediate conferences by calling all parties and bringing them to the conference bridge. With Avaya one-X™ Portal for IP Office , the originator of the conference can keep control: the Caller ID number (and the associated name if recognized) of each participant is displayed. If required, they can selectively hang-up a specific participant.
Customized greeting
Record a personalized greeting per conference (requires Preferred Edition/Voicemail Pro).
Conference entry/exit tones
Single beep on entry/double beep on exit
Conference call recording
Manual recording initiated by user on IP Office via Avaya one-X™ Portal for IP Office , Phone Manager, digital/IP display phone or a short code (requires Preferred Edition/Voicemail Pro)
To prevent unauthorized access to the conference bridge, PIN codes, Caller ID number screening as well as time and date profiles can be set-up using IP Office Voicemail Pro.
In cases where the security of calls is critical, in-house conferencing is the only way to ensure privacy.
Remote Management
Allows a single person to manage the conferencing bridge facility from any location. Furthermore, the full IP Office solutionphone system, voicemail, CTI server, router, firewall and DHCP servercan all be managed from a single management interface called IP Office Manager.
Multi-site Small Community Network (SCN) Conferencing
IP Office enables users joining a conference that is on another IP Office within the network (ConfMeetMe) to have the call automatically routed to that IP Office and join the conference. No special configuration is required.
Personal Conference
The owner of the conference may use their extension number as the conference ID. The owner of the conference has control of the conference with the ability to mute and drop calls of participants. All participants will hear the system Music on Hold  (MOH) till the owner joins, and will hear MOH when the owner drops.


*Feature supported on 1408/1608/2410/5410/4610/5610 and 1416/1616/2420/5420/5621/4621/4625 as well as 9500 and 9600 Series IP telephones. Note that any internal party has the option to view & drop participants (not just the conference originator).

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